Did Busboy Take Patrons’ I.D. Cards?

Did Busboy Take Patrons’ I.D. Cards?

HAWTHORNE, CA—We all know that when eating out, there is some risk of upsetting the wait staff with a subpar tip—but what about a busboy who checks out with a patron’s state-issued I.D. card?

Antonio Saldana Moreno, 41, was arrested by Hawthorne police for a number of charges relating to forged and stolen identification cards. He was picked up on Saturday, February 22 at approximately 11 a.m. along the 13000 block of Hawthorne Boulevard. The busboy was popped for forging the official seal of the State of California and using another person’s personal I.D.

It appears that police stopped him for the minor charge of “following too closely,” which in layman’s terms is tailgating. But it was no party for Moreno when he was found out to be driving without a license and then had the other charges piled on that.

The bail for the tailgating charge was a mere $35, whereas the others were a little bit or a lot higher: $100 for driving without a license; $5,000 for using someone else’s I.D. and the odd whopper of $20,000 for allegedly forging the state’s official seal.

To be sure, it will take a lot of 20% tipping to post bail.

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