Meth Dealer found with AR-15 Assault Rifle

Meth Dealer found with AR-15 Assault Rifle

SANTA CLARA COUNTY – A known felon was located and arrested by authorities during a search of his home and personal property in which authorities found illegal weapons, ammunition and large sums of cash. A felony complaint was filed against 36-year-old Barry Stephens Lynch for Felony possession of a firearm under PC 29800 (a) (1), for having in his possession an AR-15 Assault Rifle. A $25,000 bail warrant was issued for the arrest of Lynch as he appeared in a brief court appearance Feb 4, 2014 in the San Jose Hall of Justice in Dept. 23.

Lynch was arrested for possession of a firearm by a known felon, and he faces additional charges of having in his possession numerous rounds of ammunition under PC 30305 (a) (1), as well as narcotic sales of methamphetamine.

It was reported that on Aug 12, 2013, the Santa Clara Sheriff’s office served a search warrant to include: search of his person and all such property, which included a Gray, 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and a Gold 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. The search warrant was a follow up to an investigation, in which Lunch was suspected of sales and distribution a sizable amount of Methamphetamine. A search of Lynch’s bedroom revealed that he had stored a 2-Cerro Forge AR-15, and the serial number of the rifle had been removed. Numerous items were found throughout the home revealing a small scale sales operation of the illegal substance.

As Warrant Officers searched his home, they also found 17-hollow point .380 caliber ammo, with seven 100 dollar bills, and 44 twenty dollar bills in his possession. Officers also located a .45 semi-automatic pistol and separate containers which tested positive for residue of methamphetamine. The search also turned up a digital scale, 50 PMC Bronze .380 caliber ammo, and 2 GE handheld 40-channel scanners.

Through a collection of this evidence along with cell phone messages, it is believed that Lynch’s activities were consistent with narcotic sales.

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