Man Shoots, Kills Mom’s Boyfriend

Man Shoots, Kills Mom’s Boyfriend

A man was shot and killed allegedly by his girlfriend’s son Friday morning on the outskirts of Paso Robles on Klau Mine Road.

According to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office, the victim. 47-year-old Billy Don Law, was shot 10 times after an argument went out of control. The argument reportedly was over candles. Investigators state John Steven Danner, 23, is the suspect in custody.

Investigators formulated a theory regarding the incident. They state Law and Danner allegedly had a fight two weeks prior to the incident. During the fight, Law allegedly knocked out one of Danner’s teeth.

On the day of the incident, investigators say Danner and his friend, Robert Little, claimed to be burning trash in the backyard. Little also lives at the residence. It is alleged Law became angry at Danner claiming Danner was reckless burning candles in his room at night. Christine Ruda, the victim’s girlfriend and mother to the suspect, and her boyfriend Law were lying in bed when Law noticed the candles burning unattended in Danner’s room. Investigators believe the candles were being burned due to the house having no electricity.

Investigators state Ruda and Law began arguing, at which time Danner came armed with a baseball hat in hand and told them to stop arguing. As Danner and Law were arguing, at some point, according to investigators, Danner went and to a safe to get two handguns which he brandished to scare Law. Danner claimed to have shot Law when Law did not stop coming toward him. Danner claimed he was scared and the act was self-defense.

After the shooting, in which Ruda was shot in the arm, Danner and Little took her to the hospital where investigators became involved. Once deputies arrived on the scene, they found Law’s deceased body naked and unarmed. There were several gunshots to his head and body.

Danner was arrested and booked at SLO County Jail for one count of murder.

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