United States Postal Inspectors nab counterfeiting duo

United States Postal Inspectors nab counterfeiting duo

SOUTH BAY – On December 17, 2013 the United Postal Service Inspector contacted the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office. 42-year-old Janelle Louise Orlando and 25-year-old Teddie Alexis Fox where identified as suspects in several acts, including violation of PC 530.5 (c) (3) – identity theft. Other charges include the possession of a blank check, under PC 475 (b) – counterfeit or forgery.  Orlando and Fox were also found to be in possession of stolen access cards (such as ATM cards), violations under PC 484E (A), (C) and (D), using stolen identification of four different individuals. On December 16, 2013 the Postal Inspectors of Silicon Valley REACT Task Force Agents determined that had accumulated over 100 documents “containing personal identifying information”.

A probation and parole check of their residence was made at a motel located at 1510 The Alameda in San Jose. The search of their rooms revealed numerous documents, printers, cellphones, photocopies of United States currency, computers, and a Sensormatic device for demagnetizing security tags that could be used at retail stores.

Orlando agreed to waive her rights under a form known as Form 167 Warning and Waiver. Orlando denied having any knowledge of any wrong doing by anyone involved in possible identity theft or fraud. When investigators told them of the charges of counterfeiting U.S. currency Fox blurted out, “Janelle already admitted the computer was hers”. Orlando was found to be in possession of return receipts for new clothing items that had been returned to Nordstroms. It was suspected that the clothing had been stolen and then returned for cash.

Janelle Louise Orlando

Janelle Louise Orlando

However, Fox requested that she have an attorney present when she was questioned. When Investigators searched her backpack they found fake U.S. currency that looked real, but were actually photocopies. Fox said she didn’t know how it got there, and asked the investigator to give her a break. However, Fox has a history of being charged with counterfeiting U.S. currency.

The victims of the identity theft and mail theft are currently being identified and contacted in order to determine if they had given any permission to possess their mail and or personal information that may have since been used to commit fraud. In the search investigators discovered multiple notes regarding fraudulent carding websites, with other website information collected about the victims. It appeared that stolen pieces of mail were from addresses located in the South Bay.

Their next court appearance is expected to be heard at the Superior Hall of Justice in San Jose in Dept 34 on Feb 21, 2014 at 9:00 AM.  Fox has been released on $25,000 bail, however Orlando has a no-bail hold and is currently being housed in the Elmwood Women’s Facility located in the City of Milpitas, CA.

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