A Walk on The Wild Sidewalk

A Walk on The Wild Sidewalk

INGLEWOOD, CA—The roads in Inglewood are bad. Really bad.

So bad that even with the multi-billion-dollar Madison Square Garden purchase of the recently renovated Forum that the infamously whore-ridden thoroughfare Century Avenue remains as riddled with potholes as ever it did despite it’s connection between the famous venue and the Los Angeles International Airport.

It was along this stretch of street that Jesus Emigdio Euan, 22, was stopped by Inglewood police (IPD) as he allegedly drove on the sidewalk after having apparently been party to robbery in the first degree.

Euan was stopped by IPD on Monday, December 23 at approximately 11 p.m. along the 4100 block of Century as he apparently eschewed the pot-hole-ridden road for the smoother sidewalk.

It is unknown if he meant to take the sidewalk to evade police. He was also charged with first degree robbery and disorderly conduct.

Bail was set at $101,250.00 for the three charges.

Then again, the self-professed car wash employee may know what happens to a car that is driven down an overly dirty road.

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