Prolific tagger running pot operation

Prolific tagger running pot operation

SANTA ROSA -It is entirely possible that Ariel Suarez-Godinez and Francisco Jose Baltazar could have continued to enjoy the fruits of their illegal marijuana lab sales if not for the DABR graffiti tagged all over town.

Santa Rosa Police detectives were investigating the 8-month spree of vandalism over a number of locations in Santa Rosa. At least 62 instances of graffiti tagging had been identified with the signature DABR. The investigation culminated in a search warrant served at a residence in the Roseland area south west of downtown. But they found more than the suspected tagger, Ariel Suarez-Godinez, and some paint cans. According to a police press release, they discovered a concentrated cannabis manufacturing lab and over 100 pounds of marijuana. Concentrated cannabis usually takes the form of the more commonly known “hashish”, but more extreme operations can further produce hash oil, or honey oil, a thick liquid form of the drug. Both are illegal even in medical use cases because of their potency.

Another DABR tagging from DABR1.

Another DABR tagging from DABR1.

Francisco Jose Baltazar was also arrested at the same time, accused of being Suarez-Godinez’ partner in the drug producing business, but is not included in the vandalism complaint.

19-year-old Suarez-Godinez was booked into the Somoma County jail on 3 counts of felony vandalism, though the number is likely to grow as evidence is collected. He and Baltazar were also booked on the illegal manufacture of concentrated cannabis and possession of marijuana for sale.


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