Drunken Target Practice Catches Police Attention

Drunken Target Practice Catches Police Attention

LAKEPORT — On the 6th of January at around 3:20 p.m., Lakeport police received word that a woman was pointing a rifle at cars in the 600 block of Martin Street.

Almost immediately upon arrival, an officer spotted the suspect in question aiming a rifle right at Martin Street as cars drove by. The officer drew his firearm and ordered her to drop the rifle. She complied.

As it turns out, Amber Renae McKinney (27) was drunk and had been firing her BB gun (yes, BB gun) at beer cans set up on the north edge of Martin Street. She was arrested and booked for misdemeanor negligent discharge of a weapon and public intoxication.

Normally it goes without saying that firing any kind of weapon, be it BB gun or otherwise, towards or across a highway is illegal and can incite dangerous, highly sensitive situations.

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