Trio of ladies arrested for vacation home burglaries

Trio of ladies arrested for vacation home burglaries

Sonoma County Sheriff’s detectives arrested three women suspected of burglarizing vacation rental homes in the north county area, and picked up a couple of their friends on other charges in the process.

The detectives had been looking into burglaries that had been reported from several rental properties and high priced homes for sale, which had been furnished and decorated in preparation for showing. The homes turned up missing television sets and furniture, along with kitchenware and bedding. According to Sergeant Michael Raasch of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Property Crimes unit, detectives received a tip that led them to three women – Jasmine Marie Roper, 38-years-old from Santa Rosa, Sarah Tarango, 38-years-old of Petaluma, and the junior partner of the group, 23-year-old Ronni Roxanne Stout of Santa Rosa.

They started with Roper, who already had three no-bail warrants posted from an arrest on September 17, related to charges of trespassing, burglary, a forged check, and drug charges. They found her at her home on Espresso Court and arrested her on December 18. Her initial arrest was based on the warrants, but in an interview with detectives, she admitted to participating in burglaries at Wikiup Drive in Santa Rosa, Chalk Hill Road in Windsor, and Chiquita Road in Healdsburg. Burglary and conspiracy charges were added to the list against her, and she is being held without bail this time.

When detectives approached Stout's residence, a car pulled away and led them on a chase.

When detectives approached Stout’s residence, a car pulled away and led them on a chase.

Investigation continued the next day, when detectives reported to Sarah Tarango’s residence in Petaluma. On arriving they observed that Ms. Tarango’s white van, conveniently parked out front, contained what was later confirmed to be items stolen from two of the burglaries Roper had admitted to. Additionally, there was damage on the van that matched up to a fence that had been hit at the scene of the Wikiup home in Santa Rosa. Evidence was collected, the van was impounded, and Ms. Tarango was interviewed as a suspect in the burglaries. The D.A. will be proceeding with charges against her as needed.

The same day, Thursday December 19, detectives went to Ronni Stout’s residence. They had learned that their third suspect had outstanding warrants of her own, for trespassing and failing to appear in court. As they approached her home on McMinn Avenue in Santa Rosa, they observed a car leaving her home at about 5 pm. With the justification of a vehicle code violation, and no doubt some concerns that their suspect may be in the car, they attempted to stop the silver Acura Legend as it pulled away. Instead the driver stepped on the gas, leading detectives on a dangerous chase through the neighborhood. After reaching speeds of 50 mph and running two stop signs, the car pulled into a driveway on Garner Avenue, about a mile from Stout’s home.

24-year-old Chelsea Jo Gilliam was in the car that left Stout's home. She and the driver were also arrested. (Facebook)

24-year-old Chelsea Jo Gilliam was in the car that left Stout’s home. She and the driver were also arrested. (Facebook)

The driver of the car, 30-year-old Patrick James Barsky of Sebastopol, was arrested, and an ounce of methamphetamine was found in his possession. A young lady was in the car with him, but it was not Ronni Stout. Chelsea Jo Gilliam, 24 of Santa Rosa, had her own outstanding warrant. She was wanted for bringing drugs into the county jail. It is not clear if she had brought them for Barsky, who has had previous run-ins with the law, but it is clear that she seems to be hanging with a crowd who has spent some time behind bars. She was arrested on the warrant, and Barsky was arrested for felony evading a peace officer, driving with a suspended licence, possession and sales of meth, and for an outstanding warrant for disobeying a court order.

Regrouping, the detectives returned to their original goal of picking up Ronni Stout. Probably unaware that her friends had just left her home under police pursuit, she was there when they arrived, and was arrested without any trouble. She was charged with burglary, possession of stolen property, conspiracy, her outstanding warrants, along with possession of meth and a meth pipe. Her bail was set at $41,000 after booking at the Sonoma County Jail.

Anyone with further information about anyone involved in this case is encouraged to call Detective James Percy at 707-565-2185.

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