Tooling Around, Collecting DUIs

Tooling Around, Collecting DUIs

HAWTHORNE — If you ever wondered why your car was never ready on time and the repair costs grossly exceeded the estimate, perhaps the secret is that mechanics like collecting a variety of motor-vehicle violations while under the influence.

Howard Wayne Brown, a 50-year old mechanic, was picked up by Hawthorne police on Sunday, December 15th, at the corner of Simms and Lemoli Avenue. He was arrested just one block from his residence on the 3300 block of West 116th Street in Inglewood.

Brown had no priors listed, but he racked up a significant list of costs that may be deducted from future customers’ repairs: two DUIs (one for alcohol in excess of 0.8 percent and one for drugs), one driving with an expired license charge and a hit and run with property damage.

The collective bail was set was set at $35,100.

Asked if bail would be set higher than the original estimate and if his jail time would be casually extended after the date he might be released, a police representative just laughed.

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