Three’s A Crowd—for Burglary

Three’s A Crowd—for Burglary

MONTEBELLO, CA—How many burglars does it take to steal a lightbulb? The answer may not be three.

Jazmine Pena, 19, Angel Carlos Hernandez, 25, and Ricardo Macias, 19, were all picked up for burglary on December 1 at about 3:45 a.m. The trio was busted at Maple and Harding by Montebello police.

Of the three, only Macias proclaimed himself unemployed. Hernandez told the arresting officer that his occupation is a tow truck driver for Wells Towing on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. Pena claimed to be a cashier but wouldn’t divulge her employer.

The trio’s tattoos were equally distributed respective to having jobs. Hernandez had a cross on his chest and flowers on his arms, Pena had a butterfly on her back and fake eyelashes, and Macias had none.

Bail for each was set at $20,000.

At least one of them won’t have to worry about losing his job when he gets out in a few years.

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