Police arrest suspect in botched carjacking

Police arrest suspect in botched carjacking

SAN JOSE – 34-year-old Lawanna, a.k.a Traniece, Alexander appeared before Dept. 35 in the Santa Clara Superior Court on November 25, and her next court appearance has been set for December 9 in Dept. 35 at 9:00 am. The defendant has been charged with PC 484-487 (c), Grand theft from a person, PC 69 resisting an officer, PC 594 (a)/(b)(2)(A) in which Alexander destroyed property while willfully resisting under PC 148(a)(1). Alexander is also being charged with PC 215(A)(1) for an attempted carjacking.

On Nov 1, 2013 the San Jose Police Department received a 9-1-1 call dispatching officers to the area of 40 S. Market Street.Officers received a report of an attempted car-jacking and strong arm robbery in progress. On arrival they saw a black female sitting in white SUV matching the description. When she was approached by officers, they immediately told the her to “get out of the vehicle.”Refusing to acknowledge officers, Alexander slammed the vehicle door and began acting hysterically, causing officers to call out a Code 3.

Code 3 is often used when assistance is needed for a situation that requires additional personnel to respond to an active crime scene. Feeling threatened by Alexander, SJPD officers were forced to strike the suspect in an attempt to remove her from the vehicle.

Before officers had arrived, Alexander was seen walking on the sidewalk near the victim, who had just eaten diner with her husband across the street. Alexander appeared at the time to be screaming and yelling to herself. When the victim used the remote system to open the door, Alexander climbed into the driver seat and began to fight with the victim, while others called to help and try to remove Alexander from the SUV.

The attempted carjacking occurred at 40 South Market Street in San Jose

The victim yelled at her, and told her to get out of the vehicle.The argument escalated with the suspect demanding that the victim give the suspect her cell phone, watch and purse.Not sure what to do, the victim gave the items to Alexander.The suspect grabbed the items from the victim tossing them out into the street.

When officers arrived and made contact, they realized that the suspect was wearing multiple jackets, which made it difficult to make physical contact with the her. Each time officers would tell her to exit the vehicle. Alexander would become more aggressive and agitated, struggling with officers in response. Fearing that she might have a weapon, officers decided to use pepper spray to try and remove her.Alexander just closed her eyes and said, “Okay, I give up.”Then grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and began to swear angrily at officers.

When officers were finally able to get her out of the white Range Rover SUV, she continued to place her hands under her torso making it difficult to handcuff the suspect.It finally took four officers to place her into handcuffs after she had exhausted herself from fighting.She was booked into County Jail after being submitted under a 72-hour hold under Health and Safety Code 5150.

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