Big Rig Truck Driver Busted For Road Rage Incident on I-505 Near Dunnigan

The Pilot truck stop off Interstate 5 in Dunnigan

An Oregon trucker had a fit of road rage on November 6, brandishing a weapon at other big rig drivers on Interstate 505 before California Highway Patrol officers caught up with him near Dunnigan and put a stop his dangerous shenanigans.

A CHP spokesperson said the episode ensued about 5:30pm when Greggory A. Stone, 46, a resident of Grants Pass, Oregon, “got into a ‘road rage’ type of incident” at that time while driving his massive 2009 Freightliner.

Suddenly, Stone leaned out his window and made, with an unspecified weapon, threatening gestures at two passing big rig drivers. Coincidentally, both drivers are 21 years of age, and both reside in Dixon.

One of these 21 year old Dixon drivers pulled his rig over onto the shoulder, allowing Stone to pass. Then, in his new role as pursuer, this driver took note of Stone’s rear license plate number.

Trucks coming and going off of Highway 99W and I-5 at Pilot and Wendy’s. Stone was caught when he pulled in for a rest stop.

Thus, a CHP officer caught Stone as he left I-505 and entered the Pilot Truck Stop near Dunnigan.

Stone did not resist arrest. A .22-caliber handgun and .22-caliber rifle were found in the Freightliner cab. Stone, charged with making threats and other offenses, is now lodged in the very slow lane of Yolo County Jail.

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