Hollister Police needs the Public’s Help to Identify Suspects

HOLLISTER—The Hollister Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects in two different cases.  The first one is a commercial burglary and the second is a gang related stabbing.

Photo from the incident

So far, the Hollister Police are batting a thousand when it comes to the public responding and solving cases such as these.  Just last week the public helped identify a stolen wallet suspect.

On Sunday, at 11:45, the Hollister Police responded to the Quick Stop Market on San Juan Road on a report of a burglary.  The clerk told police that a white or Hispanic male walked into the store and headed for the beverage cooler, grabbed a case of beer and walked out without paying.

The clerk described the suspect as wearing dark clothes and a knit cap. The suspect fled northbound through the field behind the store.  The Hollister Police have investigated this incident and found that the suspect was captured on the store’s video surveillance system.

The second incident happened on July 12, when Hollister Police were called to respond to Hazel Hawkins Hospital because they had a victim of a stabbing in their emergency room.  Police learned that the attack had happened 30 minutes prior at the Little Caesar’s Pizzeria on McCray Street.

“The victim was not cooperative with us during our investigation,” Hollister Police Captain Carlos Reynoso said, “but there are indications that this was a gang related crime.”

Although, the victim was uncooperative with police, they learned from some who saw the crime that two males between 17 and 20 years old attacked the victim while he was waiting for friends.

The suspects fled after being confronted by a witness and were last seen running to a white SUV before fleeing the area in the vehicle.  The witness could only describe the suspect as Hispanic males wearing white T-shirts.

Police were able to recover evidence at the scene.  The victim has since been sent to a bay area Trauma Center and was listed in stable condition.

As of Wednesday July 24 this office has contacted the police department and has learned that they have not identified any of the suspects in either case as yet.

“We are still looking for more leads in these cases,” Hollister Police Chief David Westrick said. “We are still investigating both cases and it only a matter of time before someone or something comes up.”

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