Troubled Baby Lamb Abuser Turns Herself In

VACAVILLE – It sounds like a joke. “A woman walks into a bar with a newborn lamb under her arm…” But the sad reality has turned out to be more complicated than a punch line.

Abused baby Barbados lamb

Around midnight back on May 10, Lillian Wohn, 23, was arrested outside Burger City, an Elmira Road bar on the east side of Vacaville. As related by Holly Scott, the bar manager on duty that night, Wohn didn’t actually walk in the bar. She had long since been blacklisted.

That night, Wohn carried a newborn lamb to a bench outside the bar. She had hitchhiked from the Dixon May Fair, where she allegedly abducted the lamb.

Patrons and staff able to observe her through a Burger City window immediately became concerned when Wohn jumped up, twirled the lamb around and then drop-kicked it across the parking lot. Apparently, the lamb’s offense was urinating on Wohn.

Scott and several patrons went out to confront Wohn, who grabbed up the lamb and ran straight into the arms of Vacaville Police responding to Scott’s call.

Wohn pleaded not guilty to felony animal abuse charges and made the bail of $15,000. She missed a court date three weeks ago and disappeared until turning herself in during a brief court appearance on Tuesday.

Judge Robert Bowers ordered Wohn into custody to await an August 9 probable cause hearing.

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