Man on Probation Arrested after Groping Three Women in Downtown San Diego

A man suspected of groping three women in downtown San Diego Tuesday afternoon has been arrested.

Zanzibar Cafe on G. Street

Shortly before 2:30 p.m., two of the victims called the police to report that a man had groped them. Both women reported that an unkempt man had grabbed their buttocks as they were walking.

The first attack happened near the Zanzibar Café on G Street and the other near Union and Market Streets.

Within 10 minutes of the phone call, an officer with the U.S. Homeland Security office was driving through the Core-Columbia area when he witnessed the suspect assaulting yet another woman at Front and West C Streets.

The Officer followed the suspect in his car for a short while before pulling over and chasing down the suspect. The officer drew out his gun and was aided by two security personnel that were in the area. After seeing the Officer pull out his weapon, the suspect surrendered and was taken into custody.

The suspect was later identified as 43 year-old Arturo H. Lopez.

According to San Diego police Lieutenant Kevin Mayer, Lopez was charged with suspicion of misdemeanor sexual battery. Lopez was also on probation during the attacks, and also faces consequences for violating his probation.

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