11-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Raped By Davis Teens

DAVIS – Two male juvenile residents of the Davis-based Families First social services facility were arrested by Davis police on June 5, 2013. They are charged with the statutory rape of an 11- year-old-girl who also resided at the facility. The alleged perpetrators are 14 and 13-years-old. According to Davis Police, the girl reported she had been forcibly held down by the boys and then sexually assaulted. Other Families First residents were reportedly present at the location where the alleged crime took place, but the nature of their involvement has yet to be determined. The alleged rape occurred off the Families First property located at 2100 Fifth Street in Davis. None of the youths involved had permission to leave the facility.

Families First

In the course of their investigation, Davis police discovered that many other illegal sexual incidents involving underage residents of Families First had occurred outside the facility along with other alleged crimes including shoplifting, theft and fighting. The alleged rape also comes after several other arrests of youth residing at Families First for what a Davis Police Department spokesperson characterized as “serious felony offenses.”

In fact, so far in 2013 Davis police have received about 500 calls for assistance from Families First. Of these calls, over 100 concerned runaways from the facility. Davis police stated officers have consulted on several occasions with Families First staff to seek solutions to the runaway problem caused, to varying degrees, by a lack of supervision.

As of June 5, 2013, Davis police have taken several other Families First residents into protective custody. Details concerning identities and other information about all Families First residents contacted by police will not be released due to their ages.

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