San Bernardino Deputies Aid Riverside PD in Tracking Down Attempted Murder Suspect

BIG BEAR – A task force from the Riverside Police Department showed up in Big Bear on Friday to arrest a Riverside woman suspected in the attempted murder of her estranged husband last week. The suspect was caught only after a chase in which the woman may have intentionally driven her car off a mountain road while authorities attempted to take her into custody.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s report, the Big Bear substation alerted Riverside police that Elida Johnson, 48, who allegedly tried to murder her husband, was at the couple’s Sugarloaf cabin in San Bernardino County.

Sheriff’s Deputy, Stan Conway, reported that the Riverside Detective, Mark Ellis, had contacted him because it was believed that Johnson had fled and was staying at the Sugarloaf site.

Johnson and her husband, in the process of getting a divorce, had reportedly argued over the children, said Conway. Eventually, it led to Johnson stabbing her husband three times, which caused serious injuries.

Johnson was located on Highway 38, where she apparently left the road intentionally.

“Detective Ellis learned Elida Johnson frequents a cabin in Sugarloaf,” said Conway, “that is owned by the couple (and goes there) when she is upset.”

Upon checking the cabin, deputies saw Johnson’s 2008 Toyota Highlander and notified Ellis. A task force from the Riverside police was sent to the Sugarloaf location to contact Johnson.

She fled, however, unseen by authorities. Johnson turned on the natural gas and opened the drain on the water heater before leaving, Conway said. This caused the home to be filled with gas and flooding to occur inside the residence. Both the gas and water were shut off and the residence was declared safe.

The authorities later discovered Johnson driving on Highway 38, near Forest Falls. When the Riverside police tried to pull her over, Johnson appeared to have intentionally jerked the steering wheel to the right, said Conway, which caused her car to go off the roadway.

Johnson was transported to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. And, according to Deputy Conway’s report, the California Highway Patrol investigated the traffic accident while the Riverside police was conducting a further murder investigation.

Police said Johnson is recovering from her injuries and the authorities declared that there were no safety concerns over the natural gas and water heater leaks in the Sugarloaf cabin.

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