Boston Marathon suspect shot one suspect still on the loose

Boston Mass – In an overnight raid, police and federal agencies began looking for a 19-year-old suspect in Watertown, Mass. who is wanted for the ambush-style murder of Shawn Collier who was shot multiple times.  An onslaught of officers arrived to  the scene as radio calls began to unfold.   There was an urgent pursuit of the marathon bombers who had carjacked a driver in a Chevrolet SUV near the MIT campus.  The vehicle was located in a Cambridge neighborhood sometime later.

Boston Suspects

A cacaphony of bullets could be heard sometime after 10:30 pm as officers closed in on the two brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Non-stop bullets were fired for several minutes. Tamerlan Tsarneaev, 26-years-old,  was described as having a suicide vest on his body at the time officers confronted him. He was brought to the hospital as medical staff tried to revive him, however, he was later pronounced dead from cardiac arrest.

Massachusetts State Police and crews, as well as tactical units, motor cycle units, SUV’s, ambulances and buses were surrounding certain areas of  Watertown in tactical gear. Local, State and Regional SWAT teams along with the military have been going to homes on a case-by-case basis in order to determine the whereabouts of a second suspect who had escaped from police during the earlier confrontation.

A stay-in-place order had been set-up throughout the areas. Police believe the person who was injured and died during the use and or thwarting an incendiary device aimed at officers.  The devices were thrown from a moving vehicle during a high speed chase.

A 20-block parameter was set in order to find one of the brothers, 19-year-old Dzhokhar A. Tsarneaev. Their parents are living in Russia near the city of Chechnya. The two brothers had recently been living in Kyrgyzstan and had moved a little more than two years ago to live in the United States. Dzhokhar was attending the University of Massachusetts in North Dartmouth, as an engineer major. Most students thought that he was popular, and was a good student receiving high grades.

Boston police

The two brothers went on a crime spree that started at 10:30 pm in which the two had gone to the 7-11 in Central Square and robbed the store at gun point. Joint terrorism task forces along with the State Police, Federal and Local authorities, along with Transit police were all involved in surrounding an area the suspect was believed to be hiding out in. 26-year-old Tamerlan was shot dead on the MIT campus where a University Officer was also shot and killed, and a Transit officer was wounded and taken to the Mount Auburn Hospital.

The suspect who was shot had worn a black hat during the bombings. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarneaev had ambushed MIT officer Sean collier who later died on the way to the hospital. The Transit officer Richard Donohue Jr. was critically wounded during a gun exchange with the two suspects. Cambridge, Brookline, Watertown and all of Boston was on lock down throughout the day in order to try and find a second suspect who is being sought out aggressively by law enforcement. There were un-detonated devices located near the area causing the lock down.

Secretary of State Senator John Kerry in a brief press conference said, “We are direct confrontation with evil.  In the past few days seen the best and seen the worst.” Several individuals have been detained by police officers during the search for the second brother who escaped from officers in a late-night deadly-assault on a University officer and Transit Authority police. He was the suspect wearing the white cap backwards during the attack.

Public safety is believed to be at risk until the second brother can be located. Widespread search has been centered on Watertown near a house where one of the suspects was believed to be living. Bomb squads and joint task forces  joined together to quarantine the area in order to prevent any more explosions or deadly attacks that were planned out by the two brothers.

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