He Started it!

An argument about property and trespassing turned violent, resulting in one arrest on Thursday, April 11.

It all began when a mildly injured patient at the Mendocino Coast District Hospital reported that he was a victim of a battery and called the police. From his testimony deputies learned that the victim, who identified himself as Mark Prouty, got involved in an argument with his neighbor, Daynes Pabo.

Prouty was arrested after being treated at the Mendocino District Hospital

According to Prouty’s testimony, the two men resided on Pudding Creek Road in Fort Bragg, sharing the property but living in separate structures. The day of the incident, Prouty observed Pabo on the property and asked him to leave since the property owner tried to force him out from the property for the past two weeks. Instead of leaving in peace, Pabo punched Prouty in the face and vandalized his vehicle while fleeing on foot. Prouty then came to the hospital to be treated and called the police to report an assault.

After listening to Prouty’s report, the deputies decided to contact Daynes Pabo who, coincidentally, also arrived at the hospital to be treated. Pabo admitted to the assault, but also added that it was Prouty who started the fight. According to Pabo, Prouty entered his trailer and attempted to force him out of his property. If Pabo refused, Prouty threatened to strike him with a heavy object. Pabo then exited the trailer, planning to leave, when he was hit in the back of his head with a padlock attached to a metal cable which resulted in a visible injury to his head.

After hearing both testimonies, the deputies made a decision that Prouty was to be held responsible for the incident as he initiated the assault. Prouty was arrested at the spot and booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he is being held for burglary and an assault with a deadly weapon. His bail is set at $50,000.

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