Man stabs brother, severing family ties

33-year-old Marco Pinto from Tracy, California appeared in court in front of Thomas Hastings in department 44 under charges of PC664/187,  attempted murder from a domestic violence felony complaint filed with the District Attorney’s office. The next court date will be on March 26, 2013.  According to the police report filed with the District Attorney’s office, “the victim had two stab wounds in the left side of his neck and one stab wound to the left side of his chest.”  It is believed that Marco intended to do great bodily harm when he had stabbed Rui Pinto, his brother.

Marco Pinto from his New Jersey booking photo

Santa Clara County Supervising District Attorney Steven Dick, who oversees domestic violence cases said, “He is charged with attempted murder, and is also accused of inflicting great bodily injury upon the victim and personally using a knife.”

The stabbing incident occurred at 915 North 16th Street in San Jose on July 4, 2012.  Evidence found at the scene included bloody clothing and cell phone found in the pocket of a pair of sweat pants belonging to the victim.  Dick said, “The complaint further alleges that Mr. Pinto has been convicted of one prior serious or violent felony conviction, commonly referred to as a ‘strike,’ for committing an assault with a gun.”  Increased violence with family members is often associated with money and/or drinking problems that a family member may be experiencing. “Violence against anyone, whether a stranger or close family member, will be prosecuted to (the) fullest extent of the law,” Dick said. “These charges are based on the defendant’s actions in the current case as well as his conviction in the prior incident.”

The stabbing occurred in San Jose in this neighborhood

During the argument that led to the stabbing, Pinto had said, “why do you want to go half on everything?” That is when Pinto began to stab Rui Pinto several times.  Pinto had then fled the scene.  A felony affidavit was given to the Warrants Unit in order to arrest Pinto for the stabbing, and further prevent any violence may be exerted on family members and/or friends associated with Pinto.

A follow up on the assault investigation revealed that the attack was unprovoked and the request for money may have been the main reason for the assault.   Dick said, “Mr. Pinto’s maximum punishment as charged is 22 years in prison.”

Pinto spent time in New Jersey before police identified him as a California fugitive

Pinto had fled California after the attack and was arrested in Ramsey, New Jersey on a warrant issued from the incident. He had been staying at the Maple Shade Motel when suspicious police ran his license plate. Ramsey Police and U.S. Marshals arrested him after he left the room. He had apparently been working a Pizza Hut while staying in Ramsey.

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