Man Pleads Not Guilty to Stealing Girl Scout Money

VICTORVILLE – A man who is believed to have stolen cash from a Girl Scout Troop pleaded not guilty to theft at his arraignment on Wednesday.

Colin Sawyer, 20, of nearby Phelan, reportedly stole cookie sales money on Sunday, but remained in custody on separate charges surrounding misdemeanor burglary, theft and false impersonation on Feb. 11.
Sheriff’s deputies said Sawyer, who is on probation for a November drug conviction, gave false information to law enforcement who investigated the crime.

Colin Sawyer seen in surveillance images that helped in his capture. He was reported to have used his skateboard in his getaway

Judge Debra Harris set $50,000 bail for Sunday’s charges, then added another $100,000 bail for the other incidents. Harris eventually denied bail to Sawyer because he violated his probation.

On Sunday, reports that a Girl Scout troop was selling its cookies outside an area market on the 4000 block of Phelan Rd. While the troop was preparing to leave just before 7 p.m., reports are that Sawyer grabbed the bag of money and fled. “The bag containing money from all the day’s sales was set on the table,” said Det. Jeff Toll.

Deputies reported that a girl scout tried to chase Sawyer, but fell down and injured herself. The amount of money taken was not reported, but apparent local donations have more than covered the loss, according to a police report.

The day after the theft, Toll said that deputies saw Sawyer at a gas station down the street from the market, near Baldy Rd. He had been identified through a surveillance video from the market. Deputies arrested him without incident, said Toll.

Sawyer pleaded no contest on one charge of possession of a controlled substance while three other charges were dismissed in November. It led to being placed on probation. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for March 19. Sawyer is being held without bail pending the hearing.

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