Sleeping Man Arrested for Drugs

“Mr. Sleepy,” as the police called him.

Canyon Hodge

Owning a business can be extremely tiring, especially if the business is illegal. In fact, Canyon Hodge of Eureka, a drug dealer and a parolee, was so tired after a busy day that he fell asleep in his own car with his products ready for sale next to him.

According to the police, Hodge was discovered by the locals who reported “a suspicious male in a vehicle” to the Eureka Police Department on Sunday, February 24, at around 4:19 pm. The witnesses reported that Hodge was “making strange movements and appeared to be falling asleep” with a roll of cash on his lap.

When an officer arriver at the reported location, he indeed found Hodge fast asleep in his Nissan Maxima in front of a local business. In addition to the big roll of cash on the passenger’s seat, Hodge has a large bag of heroin on his lap as he was resting.

These are just few of the items EPD seized from Hodge

The officer took the time to awaken the sleepy businessman, who was highly under the influence of heroin, and searched him along with his vehicle. During the search, police found all the tools and products of Hodge’s illegal business including 43 grams of heroin, about 3 grams of meth, some marijuana, and, of course, digital scale, written records of Hodge’s sales, over $3,000 of cash, and his drug use equipment.

The officers took Hodge, a victim of his own product, into custody and seized all of his belonging, including the vehicle, which was towed from the scene. He was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, where he will hopefully get a break from his stressful job and is being held for possession and transportation of a controlled substance for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and parole violation.

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