Watsonville Man Steals Flowers for Valentine's Day

Flowers died before he got a chance to sell them…

WATSONVILLE—Santa Cruz County authorities announced today that they have made an arrest in a two-week investigation of a commercial business burglary.  They have arrested a 35-year-old Watsonville resident, Saul Rodriguez, for stealing $7,000 dollars of long stem roses.

Saul Rodriguez, 35

On February 1, a manager of Monterey Bay Bouquet reported that their main warehouse on San Andreas Road in Watsonville had been broken into and several thousands of dollars in roses where taken.

After deputies collected physical evidence left at the scene, they launched a two-week investigation.  The evidence led to the identification of Saul Rodriguez as a suspect in the burglary.

Authorities with the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department concluded their investigation when Rodriguez turned himself in to the Santa Cruz County Jail, on February 18. He was booked into the County Jail on felony burglary charges.  His bail has been set at $25,000.

According to Deputy April Shalland of the Santa County Sheriff’s Department, “Rodriguez used to work there” and he stole “two pallets full of the classic flowers” in the burglary.

The ironic twist in the burglary is that Rodriguez miscalculated the time to commit the burglary and the flowers died before he could sell them.  The dead flowers were discarded in a ditch off of Highway 152 in Watsonville.

This is still an ongoing investigation and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with information to call them at 1-831-454-2440 or their tip line at 831-454-2847.

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