Lost children case leads to abuse arrest

Most lost children cases end happily when the missing children are found unharmed. But when Los Angeles Sheriff deputies found two Palmdale children that were reported missing, it instead signaled the beginning of an abuse case and an eventual arrest.

Ingrid Brewer was arrested for abuse after her adoptive kids were found

“We had two kids that thought they were in a loving home. That’s where they thought they were headed when they were adopted,” Sgt. Brian Hudson told KNBC. “Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case.”

According to an LASD press release, adoptive mother Ingrid Brewer called the police January 15th to report that her 7-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son had gone missing. After an exhaustive search, deputies found the children huddled under a blanket by a parked car near Brewer’s residence. Neither of them had winter clothing on despite 20 degree weather.

Once found, the children told investigators that they had run away from Brewer because they were tired of her tying them up and beating them. As the investigation continued, the children revealed that Brewer locked the children in separate rooms on a daily basis while she went to work, leaving them only waste baskets to go to the bathroom in.

The 7 and 8-year-olds were found hiding under a blanket near their home in Palmdale

The children also reported the various types of punishments they received including zip-tying their hands together, physical attacks with electrical cords and hammers, and food depravation. Injuries on their bodies corroborated the children’s story.

On January 16th, Brewer was arrested and booked at the LASD Palmdale station. Two days later, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office charged Brewer with eight felony counts including, torture, assault with a deadly weapon, and cruelty to a child. The LASD set Brewer’s bail at $2 million.

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