Upland Police Investigating Threats On High School Campus

UPLAND – Police, heightened by last week’s massacre at a Connecticut elementary school, responded to rumors of campus threats at Upland High School on Wednesday.

Calling the threats non-credible, police spokesman Lt. Eleno Arriaga said there was no evidence of those rumors turning to reality. He did not disclose the threats. “We’re not taking any threat lightly,” he said.

Upland High School

An Upland High School student, whose identity was not revealed, was investigated for reportedly making those threats against the campus.

Last week’s massacre, which took the lives of 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., have kept school security and police agencies alerted to any possible threats. However, said Arriaga: “There is no evidence that the rumors are true at this time.” He said the parents of the suspected student were cooperative, allowing Upland police to search their home for possible evidence.

Police said Upland Unified School District has emergency procedures in place. District personnel claimed Upland High School was operating under routine conditions despite the threat.

School officials also linked an upcoming “Mayan apocalypse”, which predicted the end of the world would happen on Friday, with those rumors to possible threats at Upland High School. On campus, police were able to seal Upland High’s entrances and exits, with the exception of the main entrances. There are surveillance cameras, plus electronic equipment that can lock down the campus if needed.

Arriaga did not disclose if arrests had been made on threats against the high school campus, which is located on 565 West 11 St., north of the Interstate 10 freeway.

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