K9 Officer Shot, Suspect Killed in Domestic Disturbance

BEAUMONT – After shooting a K9 Officer and following an unsuccessful crisis negotiation, a suspect was shot by SWAT team officers and reported dead at the scene. On Monday, December 10 the Beaumont Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call on Morgan Ave at 9:04 AM. The caller stated that her husband was on the premises and was attempting to kill her. When an officer arrived, he discovered a man matching the description given by the caller, pacing in front of the garage. When asked to show his hands, the man refused, keeping one hand behind his back. At this time, the officer called for backup, including a request for the assistance of a California Highway Patrol K9.

Ranger, the CHP K9 who was wounded in the incident

Retreating to the back of the garage, the suspect, who was later identified as Chandler Cardwell, continued to hide his hands and refuse to cooperate. Uncertain whether the man was armed, a K9 officer was sent in to subdue the suspect. At this time, a shot rang out and the K9 officer hobbled out of the garage and back to his handler, obviously wounded. The K9 officer was transported from the scene to a local veterinary clinic where he was treated for a gunshot wound. The K9 is expected to recover from his injuries.

At this time Beaumont police requested the assistance of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Crisis Negotiation Team and SWAT. Crisis negotiators attempted to make contact with individuals inside the house, but their phone calls were hung up on repeatedly. Cardwell was eventually contacted through his cell phone by the Crisis Negotiation Team and SWAT members verified that he was holding a handgun. Despite efforts to negotiate a peaceful surrender, Cardwell attempted to break through the interior garage door to get inside the house. Fearing for the safety of the occupants, two SWAT members fired at Cardwell, subduing him. A woman and infant, both unharmed, were rescued from inside the residence. Cardwell, a 38 year-old Beaumont resident was pronounced dead at the scene.

Chanlder Cardwell in a 2007 mugshot. He is believed to be the same suspect shot and killed in the confrontation.

In 2007, Chandler Cardwell, then 32, was arrested for placing a classified ad that was seen as a death threat against Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco. He had placed an ad advertising a garage sale to benefit the “Rod Pacheco Memorial Fund” while he was working for the Press Enterprise newspaper. Cardwell, who was a member of the East Side Riva gang, was arrested after the ad printed, and charged with making terrorist threats and possession of a concealed firearm. It is believed, but not yet confirmed, that this is the same Chandler Cardwell who was shot in the conforntation with the SWAT team.

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