US Secret Service to prosecute counterfeiting duo

Thomas Gilbert Wilson of Delano, and Alma Cabrera of Wasco, face charges in the Northern United States District Court in San Jose under  18 U.S.C. § 371  in which the duo had counterfeit US currency using electronic images.

Thomas Gilbert Wilson

Sometime in May of this year the US Secret Service had become aware of unknown persons using counterfeit one-hundred-dollar bills passed throughout the Monterey County area.  Later it was found that Wilson had been counterfeiting  US 100 dollar bills.  Wilson, in a shopping spree with Cabrera, had passed four counterfeit notes, madeto  using a printer and washed money.

Marissa Thompson a waitress at Outback Steakhouse said, “At our restaurant we get so many fake 20-dollar-bills.”  Wilson and Cabrera had gone to several businesses located in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Sand City, and Marina, and had purchased items with the counterfeit bills. Thompson said, “The police came and took the bills but we were told nothing could be done about it.”

Alma Cabrera

It was later discovered via a search warrant that Wilson and Cabrara had used electronic equipment in their home to produce replica one-hundred-dollar bills.  It is believed that the duo was intent on perfecting their technique in passing the bills to unsuspecting business owners.  Once business owners had become aware of the fake bills they contacted the local authorities and through video surveillance and fingerprint analysis, agents were able to identify persons responsible for the crime.

Public Affairs Officer Jack Gillund with the Northern District of California U.S. Attorney’s Office said, “They were arrested on May 19, 2012.” The original arrest was made by Santa Cruz police, but federal authorities have now taken over the case. A No Bail warrant had been issued and the pair is currently in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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