Suspect apprehended in string of offences

On October 14, 2012 Anthony William Decarlos was apprehended for concealing four DVD movies while attempting to leave the store without paying for them.  It was later learned that the suspect had two outstanding arrest warrants out of San Jose, and Los Gatos/Monte Sereno.

Decarlos was wanted for theft from the Los Gatos Lodge before his latest incident

Decarlos was detained by a security officer in an attempt to conceal four DVD’s. During the initial investigation it was discovered that additional charges were also outstanding.  They included an arrest warrant issued by the Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Police Department for the use of credit cards and currency Decarlos had stolen during his stay as a guest at the Los Gatos Lodge located at 50 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road.

According to Sergeant Mark Lehman from the Santa Clara Sheriff’s office, “Home burglaries are up in Santa Clara County this year”.   Registered as a guest, Decarlos entered the victim’s office, reportedly taking credit cards, cash, and a backpack with books and other items.  “Many cases vary depending on economic status, as well as increased drug and alcohol use,” Lehman said.

Another charge was added from May of this year when Decarlos was reported by other drivers to have purposely caused an accident in which he had rear ended a vehicle in front of him, in violation of CVC 22350 – unsafe speed for conditions. The collision on Monterey Road and Curtner was determined to be a hit and run. Detectives believe that drugs had played an active role in his behavior.

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