Arrest made in suspicious death of 24-year-old woman

An arrest was made this week in what resulted in a yearlong investigation of a possible homicide near the 1000 Block of N. Capitol Ave on Sept 14, 2011.

Officers arrested Anthony Lorenzo Almaguer in what Homicide detectives are calling a suspicious death of 24 year old Andrea Theis. Almaguer was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail on October 16, 2012 pursuant PC 187 Felony Murder.

Anthony Lorenzo Almaguer claimed his girlfriend had committed suicide

According to San Jose Police Department Press Information Officer Albert Morales, “Officers arrested him and brought him to the preprossessing center for fingerprinting and booking.” The case will continue to be investigated as “Investigators interview them here at the police department and then transfer them to the Main Jail once they are arrested,” Morales said.

According to the San Jose Police Department’s Press release, “Homicide Detectives Sgt. Craig Storlie and Officer Glen Albin gathered evidence implicating Almaguer in the death Andrea Theis.”  Initial reports indicate Almaguer had made a phone call to 911 dispatchers stating his “girlfriend had committed suicide.”  Due to the suspicious nature of the death the San Jose Police Department Homicide Unit investigated the incident.

A preliminary autopsy report determined that there was sufficient evidence to conclude that it was a suspicious death due to ligature marks found around the victim’s neck, which signified that the victim was either smothered, and/or was suffocated during an altercation with an unknown object.  It is not known if the suspect had a violent history or a violent temper which may have sparked the altercation between him and Theis.  Further investigation into the death is expected to continue.

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