Greenfield Explodes with Activity After 5 Shot, 1 Killed

There was a flurry of activity and red lights in Greenfield Tuesday night after five people were shot, leaving one victim dead and another one in critical condition, according to the police department.

According to police, they were threatened by the large group of people gathered around the victims in front of a residence in the 400 block of Clifton Court in Greenfield.

Police Chief Eric Sills said the massive police back-up from multiple agencies were called in to work the scene and provide armed security for police and paramedics.

“Mee Memorial Hospital was placed on lock down after receiving at least one of the victims,” he told reporters. “A car matching the description of the shooter’s was stopped a block away and two people were detained for questioning.”

Witnesses described the shooter as a male dressed in all black wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt who was on foot when he reportedly fired about 12 to 15 shots from a next door residence. He then, according to the witnesses, jumped into a car with a woman.

Sills says Cesar Pantoja, 26, was pronounced dead at the scene and a 19-year-old male was transported to a local hospital and underwent surgery.

Another 18-year-old man was flown to a Bay Area trauma center with gunshot wounds to his left leg, right bicep and left shoulder and was treated for non-life threatening injuries and remains in stable condition.

Another 19- year-old Hispanic male was transported via ambulance to a local hospital where he was treated for a bullet wound to his left lower leg and he remains in stable condition. The final victim, 14-years-old, was transported to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to his left lower leg. He was treated for his injury and remains in stable condition.

Sills said that there were about fifty people that were trying to obstruct officers from getting to the injured parties and at one point threat was made towards police officers and additional officers were immediately summoned to the scene. Responding to the scene were officers from the Soledad Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, six additional units from the Greenfield Police Department, six units from the Salinas Police Department, three units from the highway patrol, one unit from King City and one from Gonzales Police Department.

Sill said more information will be released as it unfolds.

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