Fairfield police: Residents beware of telephone scammers

Fairfield residents have been the target of recent telephone scams.

According to ABC’s News 10, police are warning residents that a caller has recently contacted homes in the area, attempting to obtain personal information from them. The caller was reported to have claimed being with Pacific Gas and Electric while speaking with delinquent customers.

According to ABC’s News 10, Sgt. Randy Boggs of the Fairfield Police Department stated that several residents in the area have made reports that they were called by a person with a male voice. The scammer reported to the residents that they had a delinquent utility bill due and then demanded payment via credit card. The scammer informed the residents that payment is necessary to prevent service being interrupted.

Police are warning residents to be on guard of these type of scams, informing them that actual PG&E representatives do not call customers to collect credit card information. Police also warn residents to be cautious when giving any personal information out over the telephone, warning them that they could become victims of identity theft and credit card thieves.

Anyone with questions about their PG&E account should either go online at www.pge.com or call customer service at 800- 743-5000.

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