Santa Cruz Police Arrest Three for Stolen Vehicle

SANTA CRUZ—The Street Crime Unit of the Santa Cruz Police Department arrested three suspects after they found one of them dismantling a stolen vehicle on the 200 block of Button Street in Santa Cruz.

Robert Clamon

“The Unit is a specialized unit of patrol officers that can help with different investigations,” Santa Cruz Police Department Lieutenant Larry Richard said.

Shelby Pinther

On Friday while on patrol, officers assigned to the Street Crimes Unit made contact with Robert Clamon, 35, of Marina, as he appeared to be dismantling a vehicle on the 200 block of Button Street.  Officers ran a check on the vehicle and determined that the vehicle was stolen out of Santa Cruz County.

“We investigated the incident because something looked suspicious about the car on Button Street being dismantled,” Lt. Richard added.

Police found property belonging to Clamon and Domenika Galpren, 25 of Aptos inside the vehicle.  Upon a check police were able to learn that Galpren had just been released from Santa Cruz County Jail on Thursday after she was arrested on Wednesday when police found her in another stolen vehicle.

Domenika Galpren

Police were able to locate Galpren nearby and arrested both her and Clamon on possession of a stolen vehicle.  A third suspect that was with Galpren when the police questioned her was also arrested.  Police arrested Shelby Pinther, 21, of Santa Cruz because she had a warrant for her arrest and was found to be in possession of heroin.

All three suspects were booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.  Galpren was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle and committing a felony while on court release.  “ There are no special circumstances for being arrested twice in one week,” Lt. Richards said, “But they are two different felonies. Now it up to the judicial system.”

Pinther was booked for her warrant and possession of a controlled substance.  Clamon was booked for possession of a stolen vehicle.

The Santa Cruz Police Department is asking anyone with information regarding this case to contact them at 831-420-5800.  Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can call the tip line at 831-420-5995.

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