Police catch suspects within minutes of armed robbery

SAN BERNARDINO – Two robbery suspects were arrested by awaiting police officers after they robbed employees at a local fast food restaurant last Friday.

On Tuesday, Lt. Gwendolyn Waters said, “We had the license plate information from the witness within five minutes of the robbery, so officers responded to both the Del Taco and to Baseline and Waterman (the address of at least one suspect) at the same time.”

Armed Robbery

Robert Montanez, 33, and Jerry Lee Stubbs, 44, both of San Bernardino are suspected of committing eight other robberies in San Bernardino, said Waters.

In last week’s robbery, Montanez is alleged to have walked into the Del Taco at the corner of Highland Avenue and Palm Avenue, simulated a gun and robbed employees.

A citizen saw him outside as he fled in an awaiting vehicle reportedly driven by Stubbs. She thought to get the license plate number, according to a police report.

Police said the robberies have been under investigation for a two month period.

“All of the robberies were in San Bernardino,” said Waters, adding that investigators have yet to check with surrounding jurisdictions to see if the suspects might have committed other similar crimes. “That’s something we routinely do,” she said.

Waters said Montanez did use a weapon and has been charged with armed robbery.

“The weapon was a folding knife that’s designed to look like a small handgun when it’s folded closed,” she said, “so the employees and witness thought it was a gun, and he intended them to think so.”

Montanez was taken to West Valley Detention Center and Stubbs was taken to the county jail, according to reports.

Waters said the citizen’s tip led to a quick check of the license plate number, which was traced to at least one of the suspect’s addresses at Waterman and Baseline, which is about five miles from the crime site.

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