Fontana police seeking clues after bodies discovered

FONTANA – Police are investigating a double-murder on Halloween night that begins with no clues as to the killer or even the motive.

The killings of a man and woman, which took place on the 16400 block of Harvey Ave., were discovered on a night while trick-or-treaters were passing by the residence, said police.

“The bodies were there,” said Fontana Sgt. Billy Green, “for four or five hours before (trick-or-treaters came along). We’re not ready to say yet for how long because that’s still uncertain.”

Green said that both bodies were struck with bullets, but until the coroner’s report is released, “we can’t even say if that was the cause of death. So we’re not ready to say that, either. We prefer to say they were shot, but until we’re told the official cause of death, that’s all we can say.”

There’s no sign of forced entry, said Green, who reported that police received a call seeking to check on a woman that lived at the residence. Green identified the caller as a relative who hadn’t heard from the female victim in awhile.

“Right now, we’re trying to identify a suspect,” said Green.

When police arrived, discovering an unidentified man appearing to be in his 30s and a woman believed to be in her early 20s, both dead. Officers had forced their way into the house after spotting the woman lying on the floor, said Green. Once inside, police then discovered the male victim.

As of Wednesday, the San Bernardino County coroner’s office had yet to release any information about the victims. Both victims suffered major traumatic injuries to the upper body, caused by the gunshots.

“We’ve seen it before where people have been shot, but they were strangled first,” said Green, “so until we get that coroner’s report, everything’s really unofficial.

“We don’t know if they were boyfriend-girlfriend, or roommates,” said Green. The nature of the victims’ relationship was not known yet, he said.

Green did not say if interviews with neighbors had turned up any information, including noises heard, anyone coming or going, or if any cars were seen in the neighborhood.

“We’re not sure if anything was missing,” said Green. “Obviously, the two victims can’t say if anything was stolen from the house.”

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