Gas station robbery ends with highway pursuit

ANTIOCH – A Chevron gas station armed robbery ended in a highway vehicle pursuit on Friday Oct. 21.

The robbery occurred at 3400 Hillcrest Avenue. According to the Chevron station attendant, at the time of the robbery two men entered the gas station. One of the suspects pointed a gun demanding cash while the other stood close to the door.

When officers located the suspect and vehicle they attempted to conduct an enforcement stop and the suspect refused to stop. Officers were then taken on a vehicle pursuit on Highway 4.

According to an email submitted to by Lt. Diane Aguinaga  two suspects were involved in the robbery, but 27-year-old Jack Dempsey Davey was the only suspect involved in the pursuit.

The pursuit took officers along Highway 4 in both directions as well as some surface streets in Oakley. During the chase the suspect hit both Antioch and Oakley police vehicles, forcing one Antioch Police vehicle off the road.

“The suspect attempted to intentionally ram both Oakley and Antioch Police vehicles,” according to a press release statement made by Lt. John VanderKlugt.

One Antioch Police vehicle was damaged but it is unknown what damage was done to Oakley Police vehicles, Aguinaga stated in an email.

The suspect eventually lost control of the vehicle where he attempted to flee the scene, but officers were able to detain him. Dempsey was taken to a local hospital and later booked for multiple felony charges.

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