Sheen, Mueller end custody battle with apparent truce

LOS ANGELES – After months (and years) of legal troubles, trips to the emergency room, marital dilemmas, child custody fights and alleged threats to do things like put his wife’s head in a box and send it to her mom, Charlie Sheen may finally be sailing into calmer waters.


TMZ reports that the Platoon star and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, have negotiated a truce in their ongoing custody battle over their twin 2-year-old boys, Bob and Max. Attorneys from both the Sheen and Mueller camps delivered the good news to Judge Hank Goldberg Wednesday afternoon, officially ending the bitter legal standoff.

The primary condition of the agreement demands joint physical and legal custody of the boys, though Brooke will probably have them more often than Charlie, according to TMZ sources.

Both parents have experienced recent drug abuse episodes followed by stints in rehab, with Sheen seeking medical care in January and Mueller in April. Both have also used their respective dalliances with drugs as ammunition against the other while fighting over the kids. With this agreement, however, peaceful closure seems at hand.

At the same time, in a video clip from the new Paris Hilton show, The World According to Paris, Mueller’s fragile temperament is put on display and indicates that some of her wounds may still be fresh.

Meanwhile, Sheen has been keeping a relatively low profile since the airing of his highly publicized “winning” rants and the announcement that Ashton Kutcher would replace him on ratings juggernaut Two and a Half Men.

Regardless, neither Sheen nor Mueller has been deemed unfit to parent by anyone that makes those types of decisions so the kids should be all right.


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