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Santa Clara

Suspicious Death of Man Found Near Creek Now Deemed Homicide

Penitencia Creek runs alongside Pine Hollow Circle, where the body was found. SAN JOSE – A body found at Penitencia Creek, which is near Independence High School, has been ruled a

Santa Clara

Serial Car Theft Suspect Awaiting Sentencing Released on Own Recognizance

43-year-old Martin Robert Bracamonte was arrested for felony vehicle theft with a prior under penal codes 10851(a)/666.5. Bracamonte is accused of stealing a 1997 Honda Accord. On Friday, September 4 during


Car thefts in San Jose increasing

MILPITAS – As more and more stolen cars are reported missing, the number of arrests for persons caught driving these stolen vehicles is also increasing. The Milpitas Police Department is

Santa Clara

Charges brought against a 21-year SJPD Veteran for selling marijuana

According to Patrick Vanier, Supervising Deputy District Attorney with the Santa Clara County Narcotics Unit, “A San Jose police officer has been charged with possessing drugs for sale after it was

Santa Clara

Wanted suspect clears two rooftops and two fences before being arrested by police

SAN JOSE – 21-year-old Hispanic male suspect Eliseo Montoya Martinez was arrested on Wednesday, April 1, for violating PC 69, resisting or obstructing an officer;  243 (B), battery on a peace

Santa Clara

Violent week in San Jose as Santa Clara County Deputy is forced to fire on driver

UPDATE: In the investigation into the shooting of Officer Michael Johnson, and the death of his assailant, Scott Dunham, San Jose Police are reporting that “investigators have determined the fatal

Santa Clara

RATTF authorities patroling your neighborhood to see if you have been naughty or nice this year

18-year-old Christian Bejar was arrested for two violations under VC 10851 (a) 666.5 Vehicle theft with a prior conviction. Vehicle theft is quite often under looked by the courts as

Santa Clara

Arrest made after a records check revealed an oustanding search warrant

On July 13 the San Jose Police Department arrested 28-year-old Matthew Conrad Castillo and 35-year-old Daniel Marcial Cardenas on an outstanding arrest warrant for narcotics and possession of an illegal