Suspected Car Thief Joy Rides Past Police Department

Suspected Car Thief Joy Rides Past Police Department

CLOVIS, CA  –  In the first hour of March 16th, Clovis Police Department officers spotted a stolen Honda Accord driving past their department headquarters on Fifth Street.

Police officers tailed the car and signaled it to pull over near Temperance and Bullard. Giving the impression he was complying, the driver initially pulled over. However, he then crashed the Honda into a patrol vehicle before driving off, after which a car chase ensued.

Police followed the car for 8.5 miles to Herndon Avenue where the suspect drove over a spike strip another Clovis Police officer had deployed.

The spike punctured the tires allowing air to slowly escape and deflate the tires. The car came to a halt when the driver crashed near Sunnyside and Herndon but the chase was not over as the suspect continued his getaway on foot.

He was mid-jump over a fence when he was pulled down and detained by officers. A scuffle took place before the 41-year old suspect was subdued and handcuffed and one officer sustained a minor injury.

The suspect, Jason Kirscher, was booked into Fresno County Jail. His how faces multiple charges, including evading police, assault on an officer, violating probation, receiving stolen property, and unauthorized use of a vehicle. His bail is set at $92,500 but his violation of probation trumps his eligibility for bail.

Photo from the Clovis PD

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