Burglary Trio Busted in Santa Barbara

Burglary Trio Busted in Santa Barbara
Photo: Jason Buchanon

Santa Barbara County – The SBSD related a recent incident in which they arrested a burglary trio.  Montecito is just south of the Santa Barbara city limits and one of America’s most exclusive residential enclaves. Its early morning hours are usually dead quiet.


Tyrone O’Neal

It was not so silent just after 5:00 a.m. on August 27 when and SBSD patrol unit sped through the streets in response to a burglary alarm and encountered “a white van parked on the street blocking half the roadway.”

At the same time, the cops spotted “a male adult coming from the area of the alarm.” That individual was summarily detained and identified as 30-year-old North Hollywood resident Jason Buchanan.


Danay Granville

Inside the van, deputies made contact with Los Angeles residents Danay Granville, 32, and Tyrone O’Neal, 25. Working on the assumption than none of the three individuals were residents of the local area, a records check was conducted on each of them.

Deputies determined that Buchanan was on parole for a prior burglary conviction. In addition, Granville is a convicted carjacker.   Similarly, the state of Tennessee wants O’Neal on  “non-extraditable warrants” pending.

A search of the van revealed a cache of “numerous stolen credit cards and property purchased with stolen credit cards.”

Consequently, law enforcement transported all three suspects to Santa Barbara County Jail. Buchanan’s charges are possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property, and fraudulent use of a stolen access card.

Granville faces charges of –

  • loitering on private property;
  • obstruction of a public officer;
  • fraudulent use of an access card;
  • and receiving stolen property.

Finally, O’Neal’s charges are receiving stolen property and, like his cohorts, has a bail of $20,000.

Photos: Courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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