Man Lured, Kidnapped and Robbed at Gun Point

Man Lured, Kidnapped and Robbed at Gun Point
Photo: Kassandra Mendez

LINDSAY – They lured, kidnapped and robbed the 20-year-old man at gunpoint.

On July 11 the victim arrived in the 19600 block of Acacia. He went there to meet 19-year-old Gerardo Pena and 20-year-old Kassandra Mendez.


Gerardo Pena

Once at the location, Pena and Mendez kidnapped the victim. They took him back to his home where they stole clothes and money from him under the threat of gunpoint.

In total, the suspects stole $1460 in cash and goods from the victim. Detectives located Mendez and Pena at a home on North Waukesha Street in Porterville. Moreover, investigators recovered $1373 worth of the stolen property and returned it.

In addition, officers found evidence linking the two to the robbery and arrested the duo. Currently, law enforcement houses the suspects at the Adult Pre-Trial Facility in Visalia. They have booked then for kidnapping and armed robbery.

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