“Pulling at Least 200 Door Handles Per Night”

“Pulling at Least 200 Door Handles Per Night”
Photo: SCSD displays stolen goods

SANTA CLARITA – Sgt. Pete Bringas notes, “These suspects were going out nightly and admitted to pulling at least 200 door handles per night.”


stolen property

The SCV Sheriff’s Team Crime Impact Team (CIT) led an investigation in early June into residential and vehicle thefts.

They then arrested “A brazen band of thieves, made up of 5 young men and 1 woman.” The group stole thousands of dollars in cars, electronics, photography equipment and other items.

They arrestees are –


more stolen property

Apparently the group either broke into vehicles, taking items from inside, or took the vehicle.

In one of the first thefts, they took a pickup truck.  In addition, the owner’s wallet was inside of the truck.  They “started using his credit cards at restaurants

immediately after.”

As the investigation progressed, officers first arrested McLaughlin on June 12.

On June 18 a citizen called in suspicious activity near a business on the 26500 block of Bouquet Canyon Drive.

Responding officers came upon Oseas and “a vehicle stuffed with items, including handbags and briefcases.” After his arrest, law enforcement nabbed the last three thieves on June 20.


even more stolen property

In summary, Investigations recovered five stolen vehicles and thousands of dollars worth of property.

The suspects “admitted to pulling at least 200 door handles per night.” Investigators estimate they committed at least 5 – 10 burglaries per night.

A press release reminds us to stay vigilant, noting, “Most of the thefts that occurred were from unlocked vehicles.”

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