Phone Scammers Persist in Their Unlawful Attempts

Phone Scammers Persist in Their Unlawful Attempts

MAMMOTH LAKES – Crime knows no geographical boundaries.  People in the idyllic northern California counties may think they have escaped the insidious reaches of crooks and criminals, but that isn’t always the case.

Reports have come to the MCPD that residents are receiving phone calls that purport to be coming from their own phone number.

The caller’s  ruse is that he or she represents AT&T, that the potential victim has experienced a security breach and that they require the victim’s last 4 Social Security digits.

Although this a enough of a red-flag warning for most people, scammers keep at it, looking for someone to catch off guard. It may go without saying, but still – remember to never give out personal information.

The MLPD reminds you to keep a check on your AT&T records and other documents for any suspicious activity listed there.


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