Probation and Meth Don’t Mix

Probation and Meth Don’t Mix

Police display confiscated meth and money

SAN BERNARDINO – As 36-year-old Robert Gutierrez hung around the front of a motel near Highland and Central Avenues, a local deputy spotted him and subsequently saw him throw something into the bushes nearby.

Gutierrez told the approaching officer that he was on probation for felony evading, even as he gave signs of being under the influence of some altering substance at that time.

Deputy Alfredo Lopez found two baggies of what appeared to be meth in the bushes, the same bushes into which Gutierrez had thrown the objects previously.

Thereupon, he was arrested both for meth sales and a felony probation violation.

FYI – “Felony PRCS probation was created as a result of California Assembly Bill 109 (AB109). As part of Governor Jerry Brown’s Realignment Plan, or Assembly Bill 109, to comply with a U.S. Supreme Court Decision requiring the state to lower its prison population; offenders with non-violent, non-sexual and non-serious convictions will serve reduced sentences in county jails and be placed on local supervision through county probation.” – John McMahon, SBSD

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