9-1-1 Caller Helps Police Nab Serial Burglar

APPLE VALLEY – Police arrested a 20-year-old convicted burglar who was suspected of breaking into at least 10 homes over the past several months, using those homes for various illicit activities in the process.

Kenneth Shy, of Apple Valley, was caught when neighbors in the 13000 block of Chief Joseph Rd. saw him break into a home near Nisqually Rd. at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Shy targeted several homes in Apple Valley and was caught after breaking into a residence on Nisqually

Police showed up to find the home had been vacated, but a quick search of the area turned up Shy. He was arrested without incident, according to reports.

Shy, who is on probation for a 2011 burglary conviction, is suspected of other break-ins that not only include thefts, but also using televisions and computers to watch pornographic movies or websites during which, investigators say, he sexually gratified himself. Victims were away from their homes at the time of Shy’s break-ins, according to spokesperson Trish Hill. She said that witnesses have told police that Shy had been responsible for the other break-ins.

Detectives are continuing their investigation which could uncover other incidents. During their initial investigation, Shy’s residence was searched and evidence was discovered that connected him to as many as 10 other similar burglaries dating back to 2011.

Shy had spent less than one year in jail for his May 2011 burglary conviction for which he was still on probation. According to court records, two other charges, including both burglary and robbery, were dismissed. He was convicted on May 3, 2011.

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