Madera repeat offender faces grand theft and assault charges

Madera repeat offender faces grand theft and assault charges

A man has been arrested for grand theft in Madera, after having a prior record of charges. According to the official media report released by the Madera County Department of Corrections, Benjamin Dillon James, 40, was brought in Tuesday, May 26 on charges of grand theft, criminal conspiracy, strong arm robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. The charges were levied by both Madera Police and Madera County Sheriff’s offices, and further charges were brought by the county Probation Office for violation of his post release community supervision terms.

According to county records, James, who is unemployed, was arrested twice in 2010. In July he was charged with petty theft, possession of burglar’s tools, and an enhancement for prior convictions of petty theft. In October he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and again, possession of burglary tools. His official residence was listed as a home in rural eastern Madera, near Liberty High School

Though charged with conspiracy, the name of his accomplice has not been released. As an ex-convict, James can expect a heftier sentence, especially as an AB 109 community supervision parolee. Though bail would have been $160,000 for the combined offences, his parole violations made him ineligible for bail, and he remains in custody at the Madera County Jail.

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