Arrest made after a records check revealed an oustanding search warrant

Arrest made after a records check revealed an oustanding search warrant

On July 13 the San Jose Police Department arrested 28-year-old Matthew Conrad Castillo and 35-year-old Daniel Marcial Cardenas on an outstanding arrest warrant for narcotics and possession of an illegal AR-15 firearm.

A SJPD officer patrolling the area of Steinbeck Drive and Santa Teresa noticed a vehicle pull out and make an unsafe turn from an apartment parking lot, almost causing a collision on Santa Teresa Blvd. The officer initiated a traffic stop. As he approached the car, he noticed a bottle of Jack Daniels next to the passenger’s feet. After talking with the driver, Castillo, a records check revealed that he had an outstanding warrant for narcotics charges. Castillo was taken into custody. While conducting a field interview with Castillo, he told the officer that he had a glass pipe, often known as a “meth” pipe used to get high. He also acknowledged that he had a pair of brass knuckles with a knife located in the driver’s side console.

While awaiting assistance for transportation of Castillo to the Santa Clara Main Jail, the passenger, Daniel Cardenas, was asked to step out of the vehicle. During a brief field interview is was apparent to the officer that Cardenas was showing signs of methamphetamine use. His eyes were fluttering as his pupils were non-reactive to light. A check of his heart rate revealed an average of 115 BPM. A search of his person revealed a plastic baggie tucked into his pants waistband. Castillo was then taken into custody for H&S Code 11550 – being under the control of a known narcotic.

After Castillo gave consent to search the vehicle, officers located several pieces a of an AR-15 assault rifle with a zip-lock baggie of 34 Remington .223 caliber rounds of ammunition. The scope and handle of the AR-15 rifle was located in the vehicle. They also found several pieces of US Mail with the names of different people, and Cardenas had in his wallet a stolen Chase Credit Card.

After contacting the person on the stolen credit card, it was revealed that Cardenas had known the victim’s son, and he told officers that he had lost his old card and had applied for a new card, and was waiting for it to arrive in the mail. According to the SJPD officer, either Castillo or Cardenas stated he “had permission to have or use the card”. The officer reported that Cardenas tried to say that it was his girlfriend’s, however faced with the evidence, the story was quickly disproved.

Cardenas was charged with PC 496 (a) – buying and receiving stolen property of US Mail, and for possession of a controlled substance under H&S 11357 (a), Methamphetamine, and for being under the influence under H&S code 11550. Castillo was charged with possession of an illegal weapon under PC 21810, and ammunition under PC 30305 (a) (1) under 29800 (a) (1) and 12021 (a) (1) for a person with a prior felony conviction having in their control an illegal firearm.

The next court date has been scheduled for August 5, 2014 at 9:00 am in Dept 35 in the San Jose Hall of Justice for the pair.

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