Early morning attack considered a gang related shooting

San Jose Police are reporting this morning that a drive by shooting occurred at 1572 South White Road around 4:30 am.  A male victim was approached by a blue car with several unidentified individuals who got into an argument with the victim.  The suspects then shot the victim twice in the chest.

Police investigate the crime scene on South White Road

According to Sgt. Jason Dwyer with the San Jose Police Department, “Police at 7:28 located a victim that had been shot twice in the chest area.”  The victim was transported to a local hospital several hours after the incident occurred.  Investigating officers do not know the motive to the shooting at this time. Dwyer said, “It was quite possible that it was gang related.”

The attack occurred early in the morning however, police were concerned that the attack was reported several hours later, and the victim was then taken to the hospital, and is now recovering from non-life threatening injuries. The call didn’t come until after 7: 20 am, which left investigators wondering why that was.  “We don’t know precisely why there was a gap between that time,” Dwyer said.

Helicopters hovered over the scene for several hours, identifying cars and possible suspicious activity occurring in the area. Police vehicles were located throughout in order to patrol the area.

Family members were still gathered outside early this morning as word came to them that the male victim was okay. Giovanni Cortez, a Security Officer for Legacy Civic Towers said, “I was asleep.”  Cortez, a resident who lived close by to the victim said, “I didn’t see anything suspicious, however a couple of days ago I did see at least five police cars up and down the block looking for somebody.”

Neighborhood residents have noticed increased crime and police activity in the area

The area is well known for gang related violence near Mount Pleasant School District, hosting August Boeger Middle School, Ida Jew Academies, which was once called Foothill high school.

Family members were still struggling with the shooting of their son as officers left the scene to help control traffic as the onset of slowing as cars began crawl as onlookers watched the scene.

Photos by Amy Nilson

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