Former MTV reality star pleads guilty to DUI

Former MTV reality star pleads guilty to DUI

NEWPORT BEACH – A guilty plea for driving under the influence has concluded the latest episode in a series of run-ins with the law for Jason Wahler, former star of MTV reality shows “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.”

Wahler was sentenced to two days in county jail with three years probation and mandatory attendance of a first offender alcohol program. An additional DUI charge was dropped in exchange for the guilty plea.

The conviction stems from a March 19 incident in which Wahler was pulled over in Newport Beach for suspicion of DUI. During the breathalyzer test that followed, Wahler blew a reported .19 reading, more than twice California’s .08 legal limit.

Unpleasant occurrences involving alcohol have plagued Wahler for several years, a bar brawl in Cabo San Lucas reportedly landing him in jail shortly before this most recent DUI.

Also prior to this DUI, People Magazine reports that Wahler had chalked up at least six other drinking-related arrests.

Interviewed by People in 2007 while pursuing his sobriety, Wahler said: “I did try drugs, but it was never my thing. It was alcohol, for sure. It would take me about 10 drinks before that other side came out. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

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  1. Dante Gillin
    Dante Gillin 6 May, 2010, 05:12

    The incident in Cabo did not put him in jail… The incident in Newport, he was not even driving the car…He was parked with his girlfriend, at a curb and it was late at night which prompted the cop to check him out, so what’s funny is you all keep playing this stupid card, yet none of you know the true facts. Jason has been doing very good out in the community helping raise funds for a young cancer patient, educating troubled teens and working on a Michael Madsen film entitled THE TROPHY. Give him space ,,,,He walked away from Reality TV because it was not REALITY for him. It was not his life. He seeks bigger picture projects and has em lined up so you all can go screw yourselves. Go report on people who seek your stories, not guys that don’t care about being in the news for pure unadulterated lies.

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