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“Fanny Pack” Theft Solved with Public’s Help

Ventura County – The Farmer’s Market in the tranquil city of Ojai is a weekly event that brings community members together to engage in commerce and sharing of the bountiful fruits


35 Drivers Licenses Lead to ID Theft Arrests

Ventura County – The crime of identity theft can take many forms, and none is taken more seriously by law enforcement than the use of fake or stolen documents to perpetrate


Card Scanning ID Thieves Busted

Ventura  – While the media airwaves are filled every day with warnings to consumers about the constant threat of identify theft and credit card fraud, those who perpetrate such crimes appear


ID & Mail Thieves Charged

Ventura County – Some people apparently continue to have faith in the moral and legal sanctity of traditional mail depositories and pickup-and-delivery protocols. Based upon evidence unraveled pursuant to a search