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Santa Barbara

Wild RV Driver Brought to Halt

Santa Barbara – How do you drive a large recreational vehicle camper through city streets, manage to collide with eight vehicles including a school bus loaded with kids, evade police attempts

Santa Barbara

Father & Son Brawl with Cops…and Lose

Santa Barbara County – Arturo Gutierrez, a 52-year old Lompoc resident, was under a court retraining order prohibiting him from making any contact with his wife, so when he showed up

Santa Barbara

Inmate Recaptured After Courthouse Escape

Long a source of security concern and public controversy, Santa Barbara’s transport of individuals in custody—while fully garbed in distinctive orange jumpsuits and frequently shackled at the ankles and with

Santa Barbara

Domestic Violence Ends in Homicide

Santa Barbara – During the course of romantic relationships, the initial period of loving bliss frequently loses it’s “hearts and flowers” patina and becomes something less than passionate. When, however, a